Natural, soft, comfortable, the principal clothing fiber in the world. It is hypoallergic and it doesn’t irritate the skin. It’s long lasting and withstands wear. The cotton yarns used for the production of HELIOS underwear are well selected and made from the finest Greek and Egyptian cotton with result the excellent quality of our products.


Modal consists of pure cellulose. By nature soft and smooth. Excellent appearance and brilliant color luster thatremains like on the first day even after many washings. It absorbs up to 50% more moisture than cotton and allows the skin to breathe. Ideal in blends with other fibers like cotton, elastan, etc.

Superwash wool

Natural fiber known to humans since the ancient times. It is capable of absorbing up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling dump. It lasts long. With the special treatments performed by HELIOS it ensures antimoth protection and no shrinkage.


Modern, synthetic fiber. Unique comfort and freedom of movement, thanks to the softness of the fiber and the excellent moisture absorption capacity. Easy to use, machine-washable, dries very fast with little or no ironing without loosing shape.


A synthetic fiber with extraordinary elasticity. The most suitable fiber to obtain perfect elastic recovery and dimension stability. It can be stretched many times its length without breaking or losing its elasticity. Its use with a combination of other fibers gives perfect fit, good appearance and freedom of movement.

Viloft Thermal

Thermal underwear is part of today’s lifestyle. Viloft, with its premium qualities, is leading the thermal trend. The Viloft fiber is blended with polyester or cotton and creates fabrics that protect against the cold and transport moisture away from the skin. It gives fabrics superb next-to-skin comfort in origin and can be washed at 40�C without losing shape, style or color.

Quality certificate Oeko-Tex standard 100

The quality certificate Oeko-Tex standard 100 assures the ecological quality standards for yarns, fabrics and all other textile products. The yarns and auxiliary materials used by HELIOS are Oeko-Tex certified. One more guaranty of the quality superiority of our products.